True Botanicals

What we did

User research and interviews
Market trends and best practices
Site map
Responsive web design over 17 new pages
Interactive quiz for men
Interactive quiz for women
Notification pop-up templates
Email notification template


True Botanicals is a luxury organic skin care company that sells the majority of its products online, direct to consumers. All of their products are natural, non-toxic, and have proven efficacy in numerous clinical trials. Ethera was engaged to completely redesign their website and user experience. True Botanicals needed to create a rich online customer interaction that would feel as personal, and as trusted as an in-store, beauty counter consultation. This required a design with a high end look and feel, that was also intuitive, engaging and informative and would appeal to both men and women across a broad age demographic.


We conducted UX interviews, researched market trends, created user flows based on personas and research, built wireframes and designed the primary pages for the website and user experience. Based on this research we created a site that was intuitive and included interactive and gaming elements to increase time on site and client retention. The site was also designed to ‘learn’ more about each user and provide a more tailored experience with each site interaction. To create the personalized retail experience Ethera created a 15 page quiz that mirrored the personalized service of a beauty counter in a digital space. The design was clean and minimal with high end photography providing the polished look that fit with the overall True Botanicals brand.

After the relaunch of the site revenue quadrupled and Unilever became a major investor in the brand.

* This project was done through my creative studio, Ethera.