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Timeless Medicine

What we did

Brand narrative
Brand character
Brandmark, symbol, wordmark
Brand guidelines
Color, typography
Graphic elements
Photography style
Sales & promo materials
Business card 
Copy editing


Timeless Medicine is an integrative healing practice run by Ilya Yacobsen. Ilya is an acupuncturist, therapeutic bodyworker, massage therapist and a spiritual guide. Timeless Medicine wanted to relaunch their brand to appeal to companies seeking holistic health solutions for their executives, and to position Ilya Yacobsen as a thought leader in the healing space. Ethera was engaged to create a new look and strategy while staying true to the personal  style and values of Ilya himself. The new branding needed to be clear, warm and professional, yet still imbued with the flavor of eastern philosophy and practices.


Ethera worked one-on-one with Ilya to identify the company values, overall vision, as well as a 5 year and 10 year business plan.  A visual system was created that was reflective of Ilya’s personal tastes, the business strategy and long-term goals.  The identity used elements of sacred geometry throughout the design. The color pattern and logo reflected a feeling of the mystical and the photography reflected a deep connection to the natural world.

*This project was done through my creative studio, Ethera.

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